Lady Buckeyes waiting to compete at the tournament last Saturday.

Photo: Ashley Jackson-Cooper


Master Fuk Yu [Gif]. His new weapon: The Fu King Shredder.

Martial Arts Prob # 230.


Constantly hitting your calves while working with your staff. 

OMG I hate it

Sorry for the erratic posting schedule

I had my black belt test during one weekend, followed by visiting a friend in Tennessee the next, then the tournament this last weekend.  I’m back, though, with lots of new pictures to share!


It keeps your bones aligned to prevent injury, compresses soft tissue to make the fist more rigid, and pads the knuckles. Skull bones are sturdier than hand bones, and even if you know what you’re doing there’s a high risk of damaging your metacarpals if you punch someone barehanded. It’s why they recommend if you find yourself in a fight unprepared to bunt their nose with the butt of your palm, because if the other person tucks their head and you end up hitting their forehead instead it’ll do a lot less damage to your palm than your knuckles.

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sad face


The university where my hapkido club resides made national news this week for students rioting for no reason during our week-long spring celebration. They severely injured a student when they were tearing down light poles, street signs, breaking windows, flipping cars, and attacking police…

I’m really sorry :(.  That’s a dumb, shitty thing to happen.  I really don’t understand why people do things like that.  I mean, I know crowd mentality can make people do terrible, violent things, but why?

Can you guys put on the demo somewhere else?  I know at OSU we can ‘rent’ a open space like the Oval and put on a demonstration there.