commonly confused medieval weapons

a powerpoint by me

now stop screwing them up seriously or i will put a medieval weapon in your head

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Do you train when it’s a heat wave outside? Do you train when your driveway needs shoveling? Do you train with a headache? Ask yourself - what is preventing you from practicing and is it a worthy excuse to miss class? It’s too easy to find reasons not to train. Instead find reasons to train.

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Masterpost List of Martial Arts Styles


  • Aikido - Aikido is a Japanese martial arts style focused on redirecting the attack away from you. It involves grabs, strikes, throws, pins and locks. Steven Seagal, the movie actor, is a famous student of Aikido. For videos on Aikido, please visit this page on Black Belt Wiki.

  • Bojutsu


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sequel Coming! (x)

London: The shooting of a prequel to Oscar-winning martial arts film ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ is expected to begin in July.

Michelle Yeoh will be reprising her role as female warrior Yu Shu Lien in the film which has been titled ‘The Green Destiny’ and is expected to be filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, with two further weeks of shooting in China, the BBC reported.



Bow Sim Mark (Donnie Yen’s mum) demonstrating a particularly flexible  Wushu sword form.

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I take no credit for this picture

Getting our medals after the competition.  We kicked ass!